Agbay Cake Leveller

The Baker's Cupboard is proud to be stockists of the Agbay cake levellers.  Available in two sizes; 12" and 20" these cake levellers are by far the most accurate and precise cake levelling tools on the market.  They feature an easy height adjustment for cakes upto 6 inches and 20 inches across and with the razor-sharp, stainless steel serrated blade gives you a smooth effortless cut each time.  The Agbay leveller comes with two options in each size category; single blade or a double blade. The double blade model offers twice the cutting power with two cuts at the same time.  Both home bakers and professional cake makers are sure to save valuable time and energy with one of these Agbay levellers.  This is one cake tool that is great and in our opinion is a sound investment for years to come with its durable quality.  Whatsmore we have the cheapest price on the market!

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