Modelling and Florist Paste

As a cake decorator you will surely always choose the very best quality products to ensure a professional finish.  The Baker's Cupboard now brings you a wide range of high quality modelling, florist and mexican pastes as well as cocoform from well known brands such as Renshaw and Squires Kitchen all under one roof.  In a good modelling paste you need it to be firm yet pliable, have a slightly elastic texture, fast drying and slightly tougher than sugarpaste.  The Baker's Cupboard only recommends using the finest quality products.  So what is the difference between the differnet pastes?

Modelling Paste is a type of paste you can use for making model sugar fugurines and novelty characters.  It is primarily used when you want the model to hold its shape and dry quickly, yet still remain soft enough to eat.  

Florist paste also known as gumpaste is perfect for crafting delicate sugar flowers and leaves.  It is a stiff paste which dires quick and is great for making little intricate details.  Florist paste is more expensive than other pastes but you do not nee to use much of it so a large pack will last you some time.  

Mexican modelling paste is an ultra-fine modelling paste.  It is great for modelling thin intricate details such as plaques, frills, drapes and great to use with patchwork cutter tools.  It is not as stretch as florist paste, sets firm but remains soft enough to eat.  This paste can be rolled paper thin and used for dressing models and colours very easily with paste colouring.

Cocoform is a ready made chocolate modelling paste made from the finest Belgian chocolate and glucose, it is a superb modelling material for creating small chocolate figures amd flowers.  It can also be mixed 50:50 with marzipan or sugarpaste to make a great cake covering.


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